Safety Planning

Making the decision to leave can be very difficult, especially if you have a child with your abusive partner. Whether or not you are ready or able to leave, you can take steps to help keep you and your child safe. Making a safety plan with your children is very important. Arrange for a safe place that your children can go and where they can get help. You can also use a code word so they know when they should leave. It is important that your children know it is not their responsibility to protect you but to keep themselves safe and that abuse is not their fault nor is it okay. If you need legal help consider talking to a legal advocate who can walk you through some options.

You know what is best for your child. If you can’t leave your partner because you fear for you or your child’s safety, consider contacting resources in your community to discuss your options or contact our Outreach team and crisis line to help you find the resources that you need. Outreach is available to complete the Safety Plan workshop.