Outreach Program

The purpose of the Outreach Program is to provide follow up to clients who have accessed Residential services, and provide supports to individuals in the community that wish to be a part of the program. This program provides education, referrals, emotional support, transportation and advocacy to assist clients in creating goals that will help them get to a state of well-being within their lives. To refer yourself or a client, contact us directly and ask for the Outreach Intake worker during business hours (Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:30 pm.). Outreach workers can deliver presentations to the community that focus on healthy relationships, family violence prevention and dating violence prevention.


The following are the goals of the Outreach program:

  • To assist clients to identify what they need to enable them to live more productively and independently, and to set goals designed to meet those needs. 
  • To support individuals and families to live independently and productively, free from any form of abuse. 
  • To increase the community awareness of services that are available to families evidenced by an increase in number of referrals to the Outreach program. 
  • To coordinate with professional stakeholders on behalf of client families.